Coneflower days and firefly nights

So my adventure to the City was suitably fabulous and full of flowers.  My friend, who knows me far too well, suggested that we walk the High Line.  The High Line is an old raised railroad track that has been converted into a park and public space.  It’s completely amazing.

Foxtail lilies in bloom, and the city behind.  I do not know what the white flower was, but it was very cool as well.

And here is where I’m jealous.  This Asclepias is in full bloom, and mine is nowhere close to it.  It is such a pretty mass of orange too.

A mystery iris.  I loved the color on this beauty.  I wish I knew what it was so I could get a few for my garden.

And one last picture from the High Line.

This is Stachys ‘Hummelo’ in full bloom.  I’ve convinced myself that I am totally in love with it.  It looks so unlike the usual Stachys that everyone thinks of and it’s lovely all on its own.

We walked through the Hudson River Park on our way to the High Line, and I took a handful of pictures there and lusted over the beautiful Deodar cedars planted there.

Mmm, poppies.  They’re just so very charming.

After the High Line, we moved on to the Intrepid, and ohh, the planes.  And the space shuttle!  And there was a submarine too. And let me tell you, if I’d had to ride around the ocean in that sub, I would have gone completely insane.  Too small, with too many other people.

But really, I’m all about the space shuttle, because really.  How freaking awesome is that?

Say hi to the Enterprise everyone!  It was just so very cool.  And so very, very large.

Lastly, a photo from my own garden.

I’m pretty sure this is Echinacea ‘Southern Belle.’  I’m a little fuzzy on the ID since I’m not exactly sure where I planted everything last year.  But isn’t she lovely?  And she’s going to be so fluffy and fancy.

Tonight, I’m listening to the sound of the rain and planning that post on invasives.  I’m definitely doing that this week.



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