Firefly dreaming

I’m a summer girl, through and through, and February always has me itching for hot days with the sun on the back of my neck and dirt under my fingernails.   So I’m making lists of plants I’m going to grow in the spring and dreaming of sunflowers like stained glass.

I am so covetous of this beauty.  This is a variety named Strawberry Blond Hybrid and I love the color.

This is Ammi visnaga ‘Green Mist’, commonly known as laceflower.  To me it looks like a Queen Anne’s lace  dramatically intensified.

And this is Sorbus aucuparia ‘Cardinal Royal’, which I am really looking forward to trying.  Not only does it have these stunning red berries which birds love, it has beautiful white flowers in the spring and spectacular fall color.

This is Patrinia scabiosifolia, which I definitely want to try this year.  It’s very airy and striking.

These beauties are just a few of the things I’m really looking forward to trying in my garden this year, and it’s a great way to occupy the dreary still-too short February days.  But the days are getting longer, and spring is on its way.

Are there any interesting or exciting plants you are looking forward to this season?

And 40 more days till spring.


About weedsandwildthings

I am a horticulturist and knitter and writer, and many other things besides.
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