Where the river will never run dry

I have been too long away from this space.  My life has flown along without pause, a mix of sorrows and stresses and joys.  It has been a bumpy summer, but a mostly happy one; and I have been too caught up in it to take the time to write.  But someone dear to me the other day said, “You should write.”  And he is correct in that.  I should write.  So here I am.

The words aren’t easy today.  Maybe I’ve been too long away and I’ve lost the knack for it.  I certainly feel like it.  I feel that way about the garden this year too.  This season has been a frustrating one.  Too much rain (which is a hell of a thing to whine about when parts of the country are suffering from the worst drought in years), too many bugs, too many deer, too much disease (damn the rain).  There are always too many deer.  I am frustrated by cutworms (leave my squash alone, damn you!) and cucumber beetles.  Fire blight infuriates me.  I watch my favorite pear dying by inches (I should stop picking favorites) and curse the Bradford pears that are so prevalent here.  The Bradford pears that have blackened blighted flags hanging from their limbs, but shrug off the disease that is killing my favorite.  There is powdery mildew on the squash.  And truly the less said about the cucumber beetles, the better  (they’re on absolutely everything).

Welcome back to my blog– here, have a good long whine.  But I am having one of those seasons where I am having a hard time seeing the good in the garden.  This year, my garden is a challenge, and I am having a hard time loving it.  But there are always those years.

And my frustrations multiply.  I am not frustrated simply with the garden, I am also frustrated with myself.  I had hand surgery this week, for a broken finger, so now I’m out of the garden for a while.  And it’s just one more thing.  I live and breathe the garden and it drives me crazy when I can’t work in it.

So I’m back to the blog, but for the time being, my posts will be more observing and a little less doing.


About weedsandwildthings

I am a horticulturist and knitter and writer, and many other things besides.
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