Bury my heart underneath these trees

I’m three days back at work now, and it’s alternately wonderful and awful.  I’m so glad to be back at work, but I so hate to be trapped inside.  I am doing interesting research and finding all sorts of things out, but the weather has been lovely.  And I have never felt more irrelevant.  I know the research I’m doing is important, but I belong in the garden and it makes me crazy not being there.  I feel so useless.  My coworkers have been decorating my cast, which is keeping me laughing.


It looked too much like a sock puppet to not decorate it with some eyes.

And now that I’m back at work, I’ve had a chance to get back to taking some pictures of the gardens.

dipper flowerThis is the flower of a dipper gourd just at sunrise.

giant spiderWe found this giant garden spider in my garden, while making a map of the plants in it.

honey peachAnd lastly, a rotten peach on the ground in the orchard, with honey bees feasting on it.



About weedsandwildthings

I am a horticulturist and knitter and writer, and many other things besides.
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One Response to Bury my heart underneath these trees

  1. Glad you are back at work

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