Winter found me

All last we week the news was telling us about this snowstorm that was bearing down on us.  It will be a monster, they said.  It will be more snow than we know what to do with, they said.  And I laughed, because hey, I’m from up North, and we know what to do with snow where I come from.  But I’m in Virginia now, and snow is a totally different ball game down here.  So I have some pictures of the before and after.

Getting ready for the snowstorm that will end the world. (And really weather people, any time you want to stop naming snowstorms, that would be fine by me.)  The silly fuzzy hat is borrowed for fun.  But the annihilated milk section in the grocery store– every time there’s a storm coming, I swear, let’s buy all the perishables!  I had to go back because I forgot my snow day cider.  Walked right past it and said I would come back for it, but promptly forgot.

Friday it started snowing around 1.  It didn’t get bad for a while– we only shoveled twice before we went to bed.

deck window

This is what we woke up to.  Snow day surprise! This is over a foot of snow against the sliding door to the kitchen.  And it was still snowing.  After a leisurely breakfast, we ventured outside to clear the paths and shovel out the cars.  We took a short walk down the street– sometime in the night someone had plowed the middle of the road, so the snow was piled about three feet high for a six foot stretch in front of the driveway.

digging ouy

We took this photo just before noon on Saturday.  It was still snowing steadily, but the wind hadn’t picked up yet.  The snow is almost to my knees here, and I would say we got at least another 6 inches after we took this picture.

Sunday, I headed into work for a day of snow removal.  We shoveled a lot, but I had the time to take a few photos.

You can’t even see the parterres under the snow in the upper garden, and there were some massive icicles.  The mansion looked beautiful all coated in snow.  And in the last picture on the bottom right, you can see the sheep huddled behind the wall of snow in their shelter.

east lawn me

A coworker took this photo of me out on the East Lawn as I was about to take a picture of the house.

It has been a hard, snowy couple of days, and I am sore all over, but this was a pretty storm for sure.


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I am a horticulturist and knitter and writer, and many other things besides.
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