We are not your property

I realize that I normally talk about gardens here, but I need to talk about politics.  It has been a long, hard year.  I have spent most of it feeling burnt out and worn down.  Living in NoVa has made the political cycle even more vicious and real than it usually is.  The garden couldn’t comfort me.  I could take my nerves and anger out on the grapes, on deadheading, on savaging weeds out of the ground, but it wouldn’t fix anything.

And November 8 rolled around, finally, and it would all be over within 24 hours, and I breathed a sigh of relief, too soon. I stayed up, watching the returns, and when I saw the shape of things, I couldn’t sleep.  And I felt numb.  The anger took a while to settle.  And since it’s settled, it hasn’t left.

I have been angry. And also feeling helpless, trapped and uncertain.  I have been unhappy with the leader of our country before.  But this is different.  This feels more encompassing.  I have a hard time putting it aside.

I have to move.  I have been frozen for too long.  I need to shake it off and act.  That is my resolution.  I will not be silent.

resist_socialmediaphotoImage credit to Ladies Who Design


About weedsandwildthings

I am a horticulturist and knitter and writer, and many other things besides.
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